Swing Dance Club at Ohio State


2016 - 2017 Club Officers


Viktor Lillard is an undergraduate student. He caught the jitterbug just before his senior year of high school and since then has been swing dancing every week in the Columbus community. His passion for swing has been consistently growing. His favorite parts of swing dancing are the inclusive and supportive community and traveling for dance exchanges. Viktor is pretty much always dancing, but in the rare case that he is not you might find him playing guitar, hiking, or... watching other people swing dance online. He loves meeting new people and sharing his love of dancing with others, beginners and experienced dancers alike.

Vice President

Reyna is a first year student at OSU studying Landscape Architecture. She has been been dancing since her senior year in high school, and hopes to continue for the rest of her life. When she’s not dancing, she likes running in the woods, writing poetry, and watching TED talks. She is working on both her leading and following, so come ask her to dance!



Webmaster emeritus

Lawrence is a recent graduate. He started with line dancing in 2004 in Nashville and came to OSU in 2009, joining the Swing Club soon after. Dancing is something he really enjoys, and dancers are some of the easiest people to make friends with. As long as he is at Ohio State, he will be a part of the Swing Dance Club, enjoying good times with all of you! Come ask him to dance!


Musketeer #1


Musketeer #2


Neil started swing dancing back in 1999, in an era when it was actually "mainstream cool" to do swing dancing. In 2000, he helped found the OSU Swing Dance Club as a student officer, and he has since served in every officer position, eventually becoming the advisor in 2004 when he started working for OSU (currently in the Office of Research as a web programmer). He's got a passion for music and how it shapes the dance. He dorks out about dance theory and finding new swing music to dance to.